Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't Look Back. Just Walk

Every person has a life walk that they must travel. Some do so with joy, some with fear, some with anticipation, some with dread, some with thanksgiving, some with despair. There are endless ways to describe the attitudes we take on as we continue daily. Regardless of how our attitudes change or why, the most significant change is when the life walk becomes the faith walk.

When your walk becomes one of faith, you realize you never walk alone; you never face the road without support. The walk becomes easier, not because there are less traps and pitfalls, but because Christ is there to pick you up and steer you in the right direction again. When I look back on the road I've come down to this point, I see pot holes and bumps and ruts, and I see that, even though I had Christ's support the whole way, I steered myself into those holes and ruts when I could have avoided them.

But if I only look back, I risk being decieved into thinking that what was then determines who I am and limits what I can be. I risk falling back into the rut I climbed out of. I miss the point of how far I've come. I miss the progress to be made ahead and lose focus on the end goal of being perfected in Christ. If that happens, it's a short drop to thinking I can't be perfected by Christ. But "all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27b "Nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

Your walk forward is a daily progression toward the ideal person you can be. Never forget where you came from, but also remember the life you left behind has to be left behind. Never dwell on who you were; it's just a step away from being that person stuck again and dwelling on who you (think) you are. Remeber how far you've come; step forward, and thank God. Look ahead. See the Sonrise. Chin up! It's time to move on.

(Still in progress.)

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