Sunday, March 25, 2012

God Forgive Us All

For our hesitation,
For our lack of faith,
For our lack of trust,
God, forgive us all.

For our blindness,
For our apathy,
For our silence,
God, forgive us all.

For our judging,
For our predjudice,
For our intolerance,
God, forgive us all.

For our greed,
For our stubborness,
For our pride,
God, forgive us all.

Lord, Let us not be focused on worldly agendas.
Let us not find excuses to justify ourselves and others.
Let us see evil and sin for what it is and not mask it with redirection
   or deny it by pointing blame at others.
Open our eyes and ears to see the world as you see it.
Open our minds to new concepts we may have been unwilling to learn.
Break open our hearts to recieve the Truth.

For all that we have done
and all that we have left undone,
God, forgive us all.

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