Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Have a Statement to Make ...

... and request at the end. Please read this through.

I am heartsick and dismayed at people right now. I value and respect the rights and needs of all people to form and express their own opinions: most of the time I keep my own thoughts and opinions to myself - as I am sure many would tell me to do if I expressed a dissenting opinion to them. Yes, I do get offended. It does not make me overly sensitive or unreasonable. I have the right to be offended or to disagree, whether it matters to you or not, and I have the right to say so, though I usually do not. 

I do not simply un-friend or block or even remove from my feed those I disagree with because of our disparate views because I am not so childish as to simply remove from my experience that which bothers or contradicts me. Also this is because I do not assume people to be one-dimensional and easy to define, but know that people are multi-faceted - amalgamations of fault and virtue. 

And I understand that certain opinions on various issues do not indicate that any person has naturally evil intentions, innate stupidity, or the exact characteristics of predominant stereotypes. I cannot just say I know what a person thinks, feels, wants or intends because "those people are just like that". 

Some things I will strive to do (sincerely and earnestly)
1. I will value and respect the rights and needs of all people to form and express their own opinions. 
2. I will hear out those opinions I feel to be faulty because I am not afraid to be proven wrong or shown that I have been narrow-minded. 
3. I will view all things with semi-credulity until by examination it has proven itself to be in error or extremist. 
4. In all cases I will seek at least to understand there is a reason why a person holds their particular opinion even if I cannot understand that reason or doubt its inherent validity.
5. I will not pick fights or allow anger to guide my responses.
6. I will not twist words or make accusations.
7. I will not act to intentionally wound or offend.
8. I will show respect at all times.
9. I will not rely on assumptions.
10. I will not judge others.
11. I will apologize for rudeness and admit when I am wrong.

I commit to these things, and when I fail at one or more, I will renew my commitment to follow through on what I have said I will do. I ask those that read this to do the same. 
Adrianne Sterley

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