Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stuck Thinking: While You're There

We were thinking of being stuck and we can slide into thoughts that drive alongside with momentum of their own. We get stuck in thinking about being stuck. When we do we are taking the passenger seat with our dilemma as the driver, and that thought may not take us where we want to go.

While you're busy being stuck there, you can ponder a new thought: "Now what? What options do I have to make this situation better?" The simple act of looking around at the area could make you see something you'd missed before: a new opportunity, different way of thinking, a renewed positivity may present itself with just a little clearing of your view

Now ask: "How do I get unstuck?"
Now that you've looked around you may see a different thought come through with God at the wheel, and when you sit in this passenger seat you see the way ahead is not just up now but forward. And forward isn't so hard. When you put it that way, getting away from the "down" and putting it "behind," you don't feel so heavy as you did before, and gravity becomes less dangerous. It's harder to look behind than down because it requires actively turning around. There is such a thing as "falling" behind, but it requires a comparison and a deadline of sorts, and never seems to be as devastating as "falling down," which implies a stop not just a slowing of progress.

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